Moonrakers is an Oxford-based group of four musicians, some from the classical and some from the folk tradition. Instrumentally, the group is sufficiently diverse to create different sound textures for each piece. The fact that the band "just OOZES quality" (Living Tradition) is down to the careful arrangements and selection of tunes and songs, presenting “exquisite music” (BBC). The choice of material is largely from the Irish, Scottish, Welsh and English traditions, reflecting a love of traditional and contemporary tunes and songs 'in the idiom'. Jon Bennett composes several of the tunes and songs, but the arrangements are down to the special talents of the group members. He explains: "We weave a tapestry of sound around the tunes and songs both old and new, giving them an entirely fresh appraisal."

Rowan Bennett's Celtic harp is very much a centre piece of the group, complemented by Liz van Santen’s superb fiddle, and Jon’s bouzouki, guitar, whistles and bodhran. The warm vocals of Sarah Fell combine with Jon’s rich baritone. Moonrakers now have four albums under their belt and have received glowing reviews in the music press (“highly infectious”- Maverick; "fine organic collection of apt musicianship" - Earbuzz). They've appeared at many festivals and arts centres in the last few years and have built a large loyal following, especially in the southern counties.

For all information regarding bookings and recordings, please contact us directly.

Jon Bennett 01865 769206
Mobile: 07914 79 5823

“Thank you for a wonderful concert last evening – what a joy to be so well entertained in our wonderful church with the sun streaming through the windows – and such a warm, friendly atmosphere. It was excellent and thoroughly enjoyed by everybody.” Pat & Bernard Mattimore, Blewbury, April 2013.

This band just OOZES quality. The most pleasant of surprises. I doubt if I will encounter a better album all year - Dai Woosman (Living Tradition)

A rich blend of traditional music given a distinctive upbeat vibe that is highly infectious - Maverick

“Thanks for the lovely vibes you created and for drawing a full house! All power to your elbows.” Jeremy Goulston, Crowmarsh Gifford, May 2013.

Moonrakers albums are now available in hard copy or for downloading.


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